Sunday, 27 November 2011

The Dress - Pink and White and All Things Nice

So what wonders does my closet hold for you today? Well, last Sunday was such a lovely sunny day that I decided to pull out one of my favourite summer dresses. Like the last outfit post, this dress comes from June via Helen and was originally from Japan. The label reads "Densefun", which is kind of a funny name when you think about it (as opposed to "light fun"). This dress has some serious gaiety!
I actually don't wear or own much pink. This is mainly because my older sister Laura was a "pink" girl growing up. My sister and I had an unspoken agreement when we were younger that we could not like the same things; ergo, if she liked pink I liked blue, if she liked cats I liked dogs. Unfortunately, since she was older she got the dibs on chocolate, and for this very reason I distinctly remember depriving myself of it for a time when I was a child! My sister and I are still very much opposites in many ways, but the occasional pink piece of clothing has sneaked its way into my closet over the past few years. 


Shoes - Faith

Believe it or not, these little white kitten-heel sling backs are actually the shoes I wore to my deb when I was 17. I fell in love with them at a shoe shop in Sorrento, Victoria, Australia. Because of their stiletto heels, I was offically voted "Person Most Likely To Fall Over" during the night of the deb. But I didn't! Ha!

 Bag - thrifted

This bag is one of my more recent purchases, and I have to say I'm in love with it. I'd been looking out for a bag like this for the longest time, and I found it in a second-hand shop in a little country town called Shannon. What a find!

Until next time! :)


  1. love the bag!! very nice dress 2!
    hi, i'm doing a christmas giveaway, it would be grat if you'll partecipate!!

  2. Awww so darling! I love everything about this outfit - your dress is darling and you've paired it so perfectly with the shoes and purse. I really adore your style, btw fabulous glasses!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for following, I really appreciate your support <3