Friday, 27 January 2012

The Dress - Red & Blue Tartan

First, for those who are unfamiliar with the term "tartan", let me clarify: Tartan = plaid. Everyone on the same page? Okay. Let's see the photos, shall we?

Dress: thrifted 
I have to say this is perhaps my most-loved vintage outfit. I bought it about 3-4 years back, from good ol' Savers in Frankston for AU$12. It's actually a skirt and top combo, although it looks like a dress. I believe it was actually my sister who pulled it out and said I should try it on. I remember thinking at the time that it was very bright, and I was slightly reluctant to even buy it  (my love for vintage clothing was still in its early stages at the time). However, I am so glad I did! Although I have to say the outfit always felt like it was missing something - that was until....

Hat: Frutti
...I found this beautiful red hat! Isn't it gorgeous? I actually think during the winter it kind of became my iconic piece, and I have a feeling many people around Wellington thought of me as "That girl in the red hat". But I am okay with that, because I love this hat. When I found it in Frutti, one of my favourite shops in Wellington, and tried it on, I said to Luke "Me and this hat were made for each other." To which he responded "You already have a lot of hats." Completely missing the point! This is THE hat. :)

I firmly believe that not enough people wear hats these days. Hats are great. In fact, statistically speaking people who wear hats are twice as chic as those who don't. Okay, I totally just made that up, but I think it has some truth to it.

Furthermore, to all those people who say "I can't wear hats" or "Hats don't suit me": it's true that certain styles of hats suit differently shaped faces, but seriously - when do you ever see someone wearing a hat on the street and think: "That hat really doesn't suit them." Never! You're more likely to think: "Cool hat." Plus, tell me what is more attractive than a guy in a suit and a fedora. Answer = nothing. 
I believe the dress is probably from the 1970s, due to the fact that it used to have a huge pointy collar, but thanks to my Aunty Cheryl it now has a much cuter, more wearable and less in-your-face collar. (I know some of you are probably cursing me for altering a vintage garment - but hey, at least it's getting a lot of love now, and if you'd seen the giant collar it had beforehand then you'd understand.) The label says Gigi. 

Until next time :) 

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