Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Dress - Poppies

So as promised, here is a post on the outfit I wore for our dancing escapades yesterday. I was always unsure about what cardigan to put with this dress, as I was afraid of looking like Christmas. But hey, who cares - Christmas is a great time of the year, so why wouldn't I want to look like that?

Cardigan: QBF
While we're moving amazing Australian stores across the ditch to New Zealand, make sure Quick Brown Fox comes hot on the heels of Dangerfield. I love this cardigan so much that I am determined to wear it to death, and I probably will.

 The Dress: Dangerfield
Yet another piece from Dangerfield that my mum purchased for me while I was in Oz. Gotta love the summer sales. Have I mentioned yet that I wish we had a Dangerfield in NZ? Only a billion times? Okay, let's make that a billion and one.

Shoes: Keds
I will probably also wear these shoes to death, or more likely dance them to death. They serve me well on the dance floor. :)

I love the sleeves on this dress - so 40s, so cute!

And of course, because it was ANZAC day I had to don my traditional poppy.

I also love the fact that the fabric looks like it's covered in poppies. This material makes me so happy.

Until next time :)

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